Our Mission

Our mission at A.I. Solar Leads is to combine the powers of humans, and artificial intelligence, to provide qualified appointments to solar teams. With our systems of targeting, automaton, and education, we do not simply fish for you. Our goal is to put systems in place for our clients that give them the best chance to convert in an industry where competition is just as high as the commissions.


List Building

Most businesses know that if you do not have a list, you do not have a business. Some teams thrive on the "One call close" mentality. If the home owner doesn't sign docs on the first attempt some reps never reach out ever again. Stats show that 85% of people say yes after being asked 15 times. This means that there is more money in your list of peopel that said no, not know, maybe later, and I need to think about it, then you even know.


Personalized Automation

In our current world most home owners are aware of canned automation. Follow up messages that sound scripted and hardly answered. Using artificial intelligence, we are able to make reach-outs sound personalized and human. From stale leads that have not heard from you in a while, all the way to recent appointment reminders. If you are able to stay in front of you leads and they feel like it is you putting in the work, your conversions will be higher.

Our Promise To You

We know the power of staying in front of your customers and that is what we are going to help you do. If you do not have automated follow up and a structure in place, we are going to help you. Yes, we are going to help get you leads and appointments. This does neither one of us any good though if you do not get the results you are looking for.

We promise that we are going to help squeeze as many conversion out of your leads and list as possible. You will never be left wondering if you left money on the table. Our goal is to get a yes or a no out of every home owner. If they say "no", we know that is simply a "not right now".

Are You Ready To Grow?

Meet Our Team

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