We Use Artificial Intelligence to generate Qualified leads and book more appointments.

Want Some?

Thousands of leads generated with over 6 years of experience. Live leads transferred right to your phone, or appointments booked right on your calendar.

What We Do

We use artificial intelligence to find the exact homeowners you are looking for. Then our team qualifies them to make sure you are getting the highest quality appointments.


Our leads are generated online, offline and everywhere in between. Using Artificial Intelligence we find homeowners ready for solar today.

Our process insures quality:

  • We have over 10 distinct channels where we find new homeowners

  • All leads go through the same process to keep quality consistency .

  • Homeowners know what they are opting in for and no "bait and switch tactics" are used.


We have a proprietary scoring algorithm and human review. In most cases, all leads are phone verified prior to approval.

What we qualify for:

  • We confirm that they are the homeowner, ask for their average monthly bill and get last 6 - 12 months of energy usage

  • Names, address, phone number and email address are received.

  • It is confirmed that their roof is in good standing and that they get full sun for most of the day.


Leads are sent real-time (immediately after approval) via CRM and/or email. After leads are verified by a human, they can be transferred right to your phone if you choose.

How we make the connection:

  • All information is sent within 60 seconds of qualifying the homeowner.

  • We will live transfer the call right after they have been qualified by our team.

  • If you choose, we can even book the appointment right onto your calendar and handle the follow up.

How it works...

You call the shots. Take live transfers, or our team can book the appointment for you.

Whether you choose exclusive appointments, or non exclusive live transfers, all leads are qualified the same way. What we have found is the teams with follow up systems in place, win the most. Homeowners want to know that they are going to be taken care of. This is the third largest financial decision most owners will make in their life. Give them the piece of mind knowing that you will be there for them every step of the way.

"The Fortune Is In The Follow Up."

"These appointments are ready to sign before I even go through my presentation. In the last 3 week I have gone on ten appointments and half of them have closed. A.I. Solar Leads and their team even saved one of the appointments that wanted to cancel. Thank You!"


Chris Davis

Sales Specialist